Crocus Co-op

Helping Others Help Themselves

Members feel welcome, needed and important at Crocus – the way everyone in our community should feel. Imagine how frightening it would be to feel isolated and anxious because of a mental illness or emotional difficulty that, through no fault of your own, left you on the fringes of society. At Crocus, members take a self-help approach to healing and re-integrating within a helpful, non-threatening support structure.

At Crocus, people develop necessary skills for functioning in their homes and the community. Programs include:

  • Basic Living Skills - cooking, cleaning, health care.
  • Work Adjustment Skills - various work skills, including in-house manufacturing of promotional buttons and placement of people in supervised work environments.
  • Socialization Skills - interaction with others in an occupational setting and development of increased awareness of community resources.
  • Recreational Skills - leisure activities, such as games, music, sports, arts and crafts. Crocus Co-op’s goal is to maximize individual potential for community living.
  • Crocus Can-Do Crews - Self-employment and Self-respect

Crocus Can-Do Crews can help you with a variety of home projects and chores. If you can’t do the heavy work, or just feel like taking a break, call the Crocus office and ask for a Crew; they’ll take on summer yard work, winter snow removal, moving, hauling and other jobs.