Crocus Co-op

How You Can Help

Dear Friends:

Crocus Co-op has provided cost-effective mental health rehabilitation services in Saskatoon for since 1983. “Crocus” (as it is commonly known) is indeed a unique co-op. It was founded by consumers of mental health services, individuals recovering from psychiatric illnesses, as a place of mutual self-help and respect. Over the years Crocus has demonstrated fidelity to that vision challenging the stigma of mental illness with programs that provide tangible opportunities and benefits for Crocus members.

Crocus operates a Monday to Friday drop-in centre that provides opportunities for members to participate in any of the activities and services available. The employment program offers a variety of casual, seasonal and part-time jobs. We have special celebrations, dances, outings and parties that give members an opportunity to have fun. We have computers where members can e-mail, brush up on computer skills or access the internet. We also have a physical activities program, and members can play pool if they wish. Members volunteer to do dishes, wash floors, keep the washrooms clean while learning valuable skills.

Please take the time to fill out the attached donation slip and make a difference in our members’ lives. Thank you for fighting the stigma of mental illness.

Many thanks
Crocus Co-operative