Crocus Co-op

Kitchen Program

Healthy bodies and healthy minds go together.  The kitchen is often the heart of many homes and the same can be said here at Crocus.  There is much focus around food and kitchen activities here.  Members meet at Crocus to enjoy conversations, camaraderie and to purchase a home-style meal that is enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere.  Crocus provides to its members two nutritious meals each day at the low cost of $4.00 per meal.

Over the years Crocus has used our kitchen to introduce our members to many ways of improving their dietary needs and ultimately their health.  They have been instructed on the Canada Food Guide, budgeting, food safety, nutritious food choices and meal planning to mention just a few.

Throughout the year we have special events and celebrations that are fun and usually include nutritious food.  By learning about “good” food our members are empowered to make better choices.  By making better choices they are ultimately improving their health.  Thus healthy bodies make healthy minds.