Crocus Co-op

A Member's View

“Crocus Co-op, to me, is a clean, bright, and always benevolent place where I can find friendship and support when almost no other place is available to me. When you are a person suffering from mental and emotional problems, the reaction and attitude from the general public, as well as from friends and relatives, is seemingly almost always one of negativity and ignorance. Crocus Co-op is just about the only place where I can be honest and open about my mental illness and know that I will not be condemned or ridiculed for it.

The people at Crocus Co-op have been the best friends and acquaintances that I have had in years. I had gotten more compliments and encouragement here than just about anywhere else in my life. Because of this, I now have the strength and courage to go back out into the world and get the education and social skills to live in it again. There were many times in the past when I was afraid that this would never be possible.

On a day-to-day basis, I can feel useful by looking after the kitchen and canteen, or relax watching the television or a movie on the VCR. I take part in the members' meetings to do my part to ensure that Crocus Co-op continues to be the great organization it is. There are also dances and dinners on special occasions to brighten up my and other members’ lives.

I can definitely say in conclusion that Crocus Co-op is the most important public organization that I’ve joined in my life. I’m very confident that it is the same for the rest of the people here.” ......Anonymous

“Crocus Co-op saved my life.  When I was really sick, Crocus was there for me.  The other members and staff at Crocus were caring, understanding and they gave me support at one of the lowest times of my life.”  .....Anonymous

“Christmas and the holiday season can be one of the most depressing times of the year if you don’t have any contact with your family.  Crocus has always been there for me.  I know that I will always get a Christmas lunch and December is full of fun things to do.  We get to put up a Christmas tree and decorate the building: these are things that are missing when you don’t have a family or a place to go to.  Crocus is my family.”  .....Anonymous

“Crocus gave me the opportunity to start to take control of my life.  When I was released from hospital I was feeling pretty vulnerable.  I didn’t have much confidence and was afraid to do anything.  My nurse suggested that I try going to Crocus.  I became a member, met people who were interested in me.  Soon I was going to Crocus for the social aspect.  It was inviting and warm.  Then with the help of staff and other members I started to go out on the odd work crew.  I was delighted to be making a little bit of money for my pocket and it felt good to get some exercise.  My self esteem grew and now I encourage new members.  I haven’t been back in hospital for a long time.  I think Crocus has a lot to do with that.”  .....Anonymous

“I love to come to the monthly Women’s Group and Bingo.  It’s nice to sit around and do a craft or talk with other women.  Bingo is fun, there is always lots of laughter and the prizes are good.  Foot care is really important too.” .....Anonymous

“I look forward to our annual trip to Blackstrap.  We have a great barbeque and play some games.  If the weather is warm we can go swimming.  Lots of people just lie around in the sun and enjoy being outside the city.  For lots of us, this is the only time we get to be out in the country.  We fill up a bus, leave the city behind and spend most of the day just relaxing.  I just love it.”  .....Anonymous

“I’m a quiet person.  I know when I come to Crocus I can have as much or as little contact with other people as I want.  I like to use the computers and watch TV.  I have sat in on the Current Events Group.  There is no pressure to join or do things.  I like that.  The staff is wonderful.  They will tell you what is happening but will not push you if you are uncomfortable.  I tend to stay at home a lot so Crocus gives me a place where I feel comfortable to go outside of my home.  .....Anonymous

“I love to come for lunch at Crocus.  I get to have a great nutritious meal in a friendly atmosphere.  The meals are really affordable and I get to visit with my friends and get caught up on what is happening in their lives and at Crocus.”  .....Anonymous