Crocus Co-op


Transitional Employment

This is the real heart of Crocus’s rehabilitation strategy. Mental Health consumers consistently put suitable employment programs at the top of their unmet needs list. Creditable research bears this out. Income from this program also contributes to the budget of Crocus, thus reducing dependence on community funding. Our work teams do yard maintenance, snow clearing, residential moving, and hauling. We also manufacture pin-on promotional buttons.


Healthy bodies and healthy minds go together. Members meet at Crocus to purchase a home-style meal that is enjoyed in a social atmosphere.  Our members receive valuable work experience and training in the canteen and other areas.


We provide a social setting where members have developed a mutually supportive community. Our center houses office space, canteen, computer area, space for social- recreation activities, work activities, and storage. We fill a gap in the lives of mental health consumers by organizing social-recreational activities. Crocus often partners with other groups including the Canadian Mental Health Association, the Saskatoon Housing Coalition, and the McKerracher Center.