• “Since the launch of 9 Mile Legacy Brewing, we have been fortunate to work with and rely upon Crocus Co-operative as a partner – retaining its members to provide labour services that range from the small scale (fabricating sales tags) to the large scale (assisting with demolition and removal activities at our new space). We have total comfort that, when we send a job to Crocus, it will be done efficiently and diligently. By having a commercial partnership with Crocus, we know that our dollars contribute to an organization that provides a vital transitional employment program and community supports for folks with mental health challenges.”

    – Shawn Moen, CEO / Co-Founder, 9 Mile Legacy Brewing

  • “In my many years as a staff member working at Crocus Co-op our members have enhanced my life. They taught me to have a greater understanding of their everyday challenges. Through these challenges I learned to be more compassionate, grew to respect individuals with mental health disabilities and strove to help our members and the organization. If I have to say anything, it’s that Crocus Co-operative holds an important and much needed place in the community.”

    – Valerie Dawson, Former Director of Administration, Crocus

  • “From the time I walked in the doors the members and staff made me feel like part of the Crocus Family. The time I spent there while doing my practicum will always be a highlight for me.The work crew even did a fabulous job rototilling my garden. Crocus will always be a place near and dear to my heart.”

    – Corinne Anthony, Former Social Work Practicum Student, Crocus

  • “From start to finish, working with the crew at Crocus Co-op was amazing.  The staff are friendly and super easy to talk to.  I sent a rather complex, multi-piece mailout to the crew at Crocus to assemble, package and apply postage to.  It was done quickly, and correctly, and I have had no issues with the quality of the job done by the workers in the Co-operative.  Both Mumtaz and Corinne checked in with me throughout the process to make sure that they were proceeding as I would like.  In the end, it could not have run any more smoothly.  I would hire the staff at Crocus Co-op again for any administrative mail out that I have to prepare.”

    – Tracy Quiring, Program Officer – Saskatchewan Co-operative Association

  • “Crocus gave me the opportunity to start to take control of my life. When I was released from hospital I was feeling pretty vulnerable. I didn’t have much confidence and was afraid to do anything. My nurse suggested that I try going to Crocus. I became a member, met people who were interested in me. Soon I was going to Crocus for the social aspect. It was inviting and warm. Then with the help of staff and other members I started to go out on the odd work crew. I was delighted to be making a little bit of money for my pocket and it felt good to get some exercise. My self esteem grew and now I encourage new members. I haven’t been back in hospital for a long time. I think Crocus has a lot to do with that.”

    – Anonymous, Crocus member

  • “Christmas and the holiday season can be one of the most depressing times of the year if you don’t have any contact with your family. Crocus has always been there for me.  I know that I will always get a Christmas lunch and December is full of fun things to do.  We get to put up a Christmas tree and decorate the building: these are things that are missing when you don’t have a family or a place to go to. Crocus is my family.”

    – Anonymous, Crocus member

Thank you to our funders who make our work at Crocus possible.

  • Saskatoon Health Region
  • United Way
  • City of Saskatoon
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • RUH Foundation
  • Community Initiative Fund
  • Saskatoon Community Foundation
  • Step Up for Mental Health

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